Inception Phase (until May 2012)

Project Planning and Mobilization ongoing.

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Industrial Environmental Management


SEAM-N: Industrial Environment Management

Immediate Objective: The main objective of Industrial Environmental Management is to promote the best available industrial environmental management tools and techniques like Cleaner Production (CP), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environment Management System (EMS) in the industries for efficient resources utilization, productivity enhancement and better work environment.
Industrial Environmental Management is a strategy for continual improvement in overall environmental performances of an organization. This strategy is applied for all kinds of industries and organizations regardless of their size and type. The purpose of SEAM-N is to promote and encourage the development of industrial environmental sector in the eastern region of Nepal, with the practice of best environmental management tools like Cleaner Production (CP), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), and Environment Management System (EMS)
Key Activities
  • To raise awareness on cleaner production , occupational health and safety and environment management system in the local industries, institutions and service sectors
  • To introduce OHS intervention and to conduct training on pesticide use and its impact on health
  • To promote Occupational Health Program
  • To support partial grants to selected industries in order to implement CP/OHS measures
  • To support gender sensitization
  • To reward the best industries implementing CP/OHS measures
  • To assist the industries in applying for Pollution Control Certificate
  • To develop the benchmarking of waste on selected industrial sector