Inception Phase (until May 2012)

Project Planning and Mobilization ongoing.

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Environmental Monitoring


SEAM-N: Environmental Monitoring

IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVE: To create sound basis for the implementation of environmental monitoring measures in the eastern development region.

Industries of the project area are assisted for achieving compliance to the environmental rules and standards by providing technical support for the development of self monitoring system (SMS) program. Pollution control certificate (PCC) is highly emphasized.

An environmental laboratory in Biratnagar has been established in cooperation between Morang Merchant Association (MMA) and SEAM-N Project. Laboratory is accredited for water and wastewater analysis. Industries, government authorities, local institutions and individuals are among the major clients of the laboratory.

 Key Activities:
· To establish the environmental service center (ENSC) around the laboratory setting in the eastern development region.
· To strengthen the capacity of the DDC, municipalities and VDCs offices for implementation of environmental rules and regulations at local level.
· To strengthen the capacity of local and regional authorities for complaint handling and environmental inspections.   
· To assist Industries to comply with the environmental regulations and obtain Pollution Control Certificate (PCC).
· To establish regional surface and ground water quality monitoring network.
· To establish regional ambient air quality monitoring network.
·  To develop regional GIS based Environmental Management Information System (EMIS).